FMM - Service Agreement [Automations]


Terms & Conditions - General/Automations

Your project includes 4 complimentary Zoom calls, 60 minutes each, with the Fitness Marketing Machine team. Three of these calls will be scheduled by Fitness Marketing Machine and are designated as 'Onboarding Call', 'Midway Meeting', and 'Project Delivery Call'. Your fourth complimentary call may be scheduled by you at any point you would like during the project. You may also schedule up to 2 'Stand-Up Meetings', 15 minutes each, at any point during the project. Requests for additional calls may require additional fees. Fitness Marketing Machine may request additional calls throughout the project that will not count towards your four complimentary calls.

Automation and web development are tedious and detailed processes. Should you want to alter any aspects of your assets after your project is complete (including the names of any sheets, forms, programs, or documents), you will need to check with a representative of Fitness Marketing Machine in order to get approval and/or check if the modifications would require additional monetary compensation.

Fitness Marketing Machine agrees to complete the services outlined on your proposal under the condition that you have made payment for those services. Any additional ideas, automations, web pages, forms, messages or other services not stated on the proposal will require additional fees should you want to add them. Our hourly rate for additional work outside of the scope of the services on your proposal is $100/hour.

Your monthly data plan price is as written on your proposal. Your services and automations will not go live or function until payment has been made in full AND you have an active recurring subscription to our data plan. This data plan covers the cost of running your automations and/or hosting your websites, along with troubleshooting any errors or bugs that occur. Should you wish to cancel your data plan and host your own automations and/or websites after the project is done, Fitness Marketing Machine can transfer all automations and websites to your own platform at our rate of $100/hour. You will also be responsible for paying all recurring fees associated with running your automations and websites, in addition to any one-time fees for plugins or other software that were used to build your project.

We desire to deliver the best service possible to you and your business and will employ all available resources to make your project a success. If you are not satisfied with the service we deliver, however, we do not offer refunds.

Your project is expected to take up to 12 weeks to finish. The project timeline officially begins on the date of your 'Onboarding Call', typically scheduled within one week of making initial payment for our services. Your project will require mutual work and cooperation from both parties. Should you not complete the tasks we assign you in a timely manner, your project will run behind the allotted timeline. If your project is delayed by you, the second 50% of your payment will be required at the original deadline (If service was not paid in full).

Understand that we are at the behest of the software we are using which will all have bugs from time to time. If you encounter any errors or issues, you will be able to submit a support ticket to If the issue was caused by the fault of Fitness Marketing Machine or a general software bug, the cost to fix the issue will be covered by your monthly data plan subscription. However, if the error occurred because of a change you made, including a plugin you install, you may be charged our hourly rate to fix the issues that you caused. Fitness Marketing Machine is committed to resolving errors as quickly as possible, regardless of the cause.

Your slack channel will be closed within 3 weeks of project completion and all issues must be sent to our support form.

Should Fitness Marketing Machine go out of business, we can transfer all automations to your own account. However, you will be required to purchase the plugin licenses for the software we no longer maintain if you wish to keep them.

Fitness Marketing Machine will create the forms listed on your proposal. Additional fees will be required if you wish Fitness Marketing Machine to set up additional forms for you.

Fitness Marketing Machine will create the waivers listed on your proposal. Additional fees will be required if you wish Fitness Marketing Machine to set up additional waivers for you.

Fitness Marketing Machine will create automations that trigger from the product(s) specified on your proposal. Any additional products you would like to automation off of will require additional fees.

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