Online Training Tracker

Skyrocket client results and boost trainer performance while freeing up hours of your time with our all in one Online Training Tracker.

Does this sound familiar?

Whether you're a solo personal trainer or run a large team...

You opened a training business to earn more and have more freedom, but the tech demands leave you overworked and underpaid. You spend a lot of time running from task to task, buried in admin work.

You're stuck working "in the business" instead of "on the business".

With little time to strategize, it can be tough to know you're making the right decisions when it comes to client progress or personal development.

And most of it comes down to a lack of data and the right systems. 

According to Mckinsey Global Institute, data-driven organizations are not only 23 times more likely to acquire customers, but they’re also 6 times more likely to retain customers and 19 times more likely to be profitable.

That's a lot of times.

Data's a multiplier for growth, impact and time freedom.

The good news is that there's already tons of data at your disposal.

You just need to learn how to harness it.

That's where our Online Training Tracker comes in.

Our patented system consists of:

The Client Habit Tracker and Compliance Booster

  • Experience true control and confidence.
  • Know exactly what you should do next to help your clients move forward with a proven system that tracks key data points on habit compliance.
  • From workout completion to nutrition to biometrics to activity levels, you'll have everything you need to prescribe the next best step to keep clients on track.
  • Feel fulfilled like never before.
  • Using data driven coaching, know that you're providing top tier guidance and delivering exceptional results for your customers.
  • Stand far and above the competition.
  • Move into the elite and separate yourself from the masses.
  • Your client's jaw will drop when they see proven data analytics showing areas of praise as well as improvement opportunities. They'll stay with you longer, refer more business, and ultimately help you grow when they know that you're miles above your average trainer.
  • Know what it feels like to truly be free.
  • Free from worry, free from anxiety, and free from the constant stress that's caused by constantly keeping up with your clients. Make more hours available to spend with family, travel, and focus on what you really love about being a trainer. Know that you have complete control of your life by letting automated systems work for you.
  • Send timely messages to clients based on when they need to be nudged to re-engage with habits, nutrition, or workouts. Improve client retention by keeping them on track to see results without lifting a finger.

Trainer Performance Management

  • Are you working with a team of trainers?
  • People are key to any business and performance management has never been so easy.
  • Don't guess anymore. Know.
  • Gain insights into how trainers are performing. From their effectiveness in gaining new clients to delivering client results to retaining existing business, you'll have actionable data you can use to effectively manage and incentivize staff.
  • Effortlessly know which coaches need support and which ones need praise to build an unstoppable training organization.
  • Stand out, don't blend in. Join an elite tier of training businesses by building an empire of leaders delivering outstanding client results.
  • Create a winning atmosphere that attracts the best. A culture that dominates. Winners love to compete and you can feel like a true leader helping bring the best out of your team with the Online Training Tracker.
  • Rank trainers against each other to create competition between staff allowing the best shine. Have the ability to provide incentives for the staff members that rise to the occasion and outperform the average.

Sales Tool

  • Feel confident knowing you'll close.
  • Imagine showing your prospect the results that you just created for a recently added client of yours and watching their jaw hit the floor. Proven results breed confidence. Feel fulfilled by giving your client the feeling of care that they've never experienced with any other training business.
  • Nothing showcases value like hard facts. Double your closing rate, drive sales growth, and increase retention with your own bonafide selling machine.

Having run a gym ourselves, we know how difficult it can be to stay on top of several clients and trainers. It can be challenging knowing exactly what the next best step is for a client to make progress. Or for a trainer to move forward in their development. With all of the variables in a fitness business, it can be tough to be sure of what the best path forward is to drive growth. Until now.

The right data and tools make all the difference.

Imagine a construction worker showing up to build a new house with a hardened piece of salami and a rough sketch developed by the boss's next door neighbor who studied history. Sure it could work. But wouldn't you rather have a hammer and a detailed blueprint? 

Having helped 100s of trainers/fitness businesses boost client's results and enhance trainer performance, we know the difference it can make having the right systems at your disposal.

Just check out what our customers have to say about us!

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