Zero Doubt Club

Created on October 28, 2022
Valid until November 8, 2022
Version 1


Automated Prospect Journey

Keep track of your leads and improve your sales game. If you prevent even one potential client from getting lost it pays for this entire system!

  • Add all leads to ActiveCampaign and Google sheet database
  • Create custom fields, tags and lists for easy contact segmentation
  • Store contact information such as lead source, consultation type, and more
  • Automated opt-in confirmation e-mails and/or texts for:
  • Calendar bookings
  • Consultation Forms

Text message reminders alone will increase your show rate significantly!

  • Lead nurture sequence (email content to be provided by Zero Doubt Club)
  • Prospect Pipeline
  • Create visual stages in ActiveCampaign to show the following:
  • New leads
  • Appointments booked
  • Showed
  • Follow-up
  • Purchased
  • Google sheets analytics to show your key conversion metrics


Trainerize Online Training Tracker 

“If you’re not assessing, then you’re just guessing”

Value proposition:

All great organizations realize that they can’t properly reach their goals unless they know exactly where they are at.

This service will not only give you a hyper-accurate view of your client and coaching KPI’s, but it will also save bandwidth by being able to see all client logistics at a glance.


  • This entire set-up will live under lock and key inside your personalized website.
  • You’ll be on-brand on every page and ooze professionalism.
  • This product will have 7 main table sections:

1. Client Tracking

  • Training Program Name, Start Date & Expiration Date
  • Custom Goal
  • Weight Goal
  • Nutrition Goal
  • Total Goals Hit
  • Last Workout Date
  • Total Workout Tally
  • Current Habit Name, Start Date & Expiration Date
  • Total Habit Tally
  • Last Nutrition Compliance Date
  • Total Nutrition Compliance Tally
  • Date Of Last Progress Photos Uploaded
  • All Body Stats Info Including Aggregate Changes
  • Sleep, Steps, Calories
  • Last Messaged Date
  • And more…!

2. Coach Performance & Client Activity

  • We will aggregate each trainers’ clients so they can monitor their efficacy as a coach.
  • Retention rates and cumulative client metrics will give your team a powerful tool to gamify and celebrate their efforts!

3. Activity Tracking

  • View client’s activity over time, broken down by cardio, workouts, habits, sleep, calories burned, and nutrition logged.
  • Graphs can be filtered to view all clients or a single client at a time, and can be filtered between date ranges

4. Activity Log

  • View a timestamped log of all of a client’s activity each day
  • The table below will show nutrition logged each day

5. Messages Log

  • View a timestamped log of all messages received from and sent to your clients!

6. Deactivated Clients

  • See a list of all your deactivated clients with the date they were deactivated

7. Admin’s Report

  • An overview of metrics across the whole business, including data on retention. This page is only accessible by the account owner, not individual trainers.