FeelGood Proposal

Created on October 19, 2022
Valid until November 1, 2022
Version 1


Automated Client Journey

Leave the admin work to your automations and focus on what you do best - coaching. Creating an automated client journey ensures you don't miss any more welcome e-mails, contracts, or questionnaires which deliver valuable content and actionable items necessary for your client onboarding.

  • When a purchase is made, automatically add/update all clients in ActiveCampaign, Trainerize, and a Google sheet database.
  • Create custom fields, tags and lists for contact segmentation.
  • Serious entrepreneurs store information such as:
  • Products purchased, gender, equipment access, etc
  • You'll thank me when we are able to use this data for targeted email marketing campaigns down the road. 😉
  • We'll send them a professionally branded welcome email with a GIF in it.
  • This professionally branded welcome email will also contain a health questionnaire/liability waiver and a Welcome PDF.
  • The client will enter an automation that checks to make sure they have filled out and signed the form. They will get a couple gentle nudges until they do.
  • There is zero reason that you should have to chase people around to get documents signed. We can automate the follow up until they fill out and sign the document.
  • The way we set our system up is that we will have an automation that gets triggered when they sign the form. We then remove them, so they no longer get the reminder messages (ummm...awkward 🤪).
  • We will create a visual system, so you can see who has signed and who has not.
  • Auto-assign each client 1 of 5 habits based on their questionnaire responses.
  • Add a PDF nutrition guide (supplied by FeelGood) to their Trainerize profile depending on whether or not they wish to track their macros.
  • Auto-assign to desired Trainerize groups.
  • Set Trainerize messaging access (1 or 2-way messaging).
  • Add all health questionnaire responses to a Google sheet database.


Automated Compliance Messaging

  • Trainerize Behavior Compliance Messaging
  • The number one reason for client turnover is lack of trainer engagement and/or lack of accountability. Even lower ticket offers can provide communication in a way that optimizes client retention.
  • We will create an automated system that checks for any clients who have not worked out in 4 days (This duration can be modified as per the trainer's request).
  • If no action is taken, the client will be sent an automated, personalized Trainerize check-in message 24 hours after the original notification.
  • We will give you an easy to implement "abort" system in the event you do not want the client to get a message (this is helpful in the case of an injured client or if they are on vacation, etc.)
  • Each time this cycle recurs the client will receive a different Trainerize message (this reduces any chance the client will suspect the check in is automated and thus drive increased compliance on their part.)
  • We will then look for the first time they work out after they get the check-in message and delay an hour or so to look authentic, then send them an automated message to encourage them that you saw they got back on their program.
  • This system is pure gold for retention and referrals. Your clients will very likely make comments on how much they appreciate your attentiveness.

I have personally had clients tell me the reason they signed up was because I cared so much about their friends/family members and checked in on them when they lost workout consistency.


Automated Weekly Check-in System

Want to provide a high-touch product without touching any buttons? Create & send recurring check-ins to keep track of client performance.

  • We will create a fully branded check in form that can be customized to your desire.
  • Starting the second week of their program, we will send them a message every Tuesday reminding them to complete their check-in.
  • We will set up a gentle nudge system that reminds clients who haven’t done so, to fill out the form. Let us set up a system that minimizes time-wasting activities like chasing clients around for check-in forms.
  • Responses can be easily viewed via your a Google sheet database.
  • We can keep calculations on client compliance percentage at both the individual client level and all clients aggregated as a whole.

Send weekly screenshots of their current progress and create even MORE client transformations.


Automated Subscription Management

Managing subscriptions can be one of the worst time-and-positivity vampires for online fitness professionals! It is often taken for granted how complex it can be to set up and manage your subscriptions. Here are the components of a successful and fully automated subscription setup.

  • It starts with a clean check-out system. We can setup a Stripe checkout page for each product that is intuitive and professional.
  • Then, clients need to be able to do 4 key things:
  • Update their billing/payment info. They need a way to add, remove, and update credit cards in order to minimize failed payments.
  • Pause their subscription. This is optional, some trainers allow clients to pause their subscription, some do not - you get to decide.
  • Cancel their subscription. Let clients cancel their own subscriptions so you don't have to bother processing cancellations.
  • View their invoice/payment history.
  • To accomplish these outcomes, we will build your own Stripe-hosted Customer Portal. Clients can login securely and manage their subscription on their own time, without ever contacting you for support.
  • Finally, we need to create automations that will gate access to your services based on a client's payment status:
  • When a client pauses their subscription, they will be deactivated in Trainerize
  • When a client cancels their subscription, they will be deactivated in Trainerize at the end of their billing cycle
  • When a client's payment fails, they will be notified and prompted to update their payment method. If a payment fails 3 times in a row, their subscription will be canceled.


Full VIP Onboarding

We have tutorials and will make custom videos on how to use everything we supply for you.

  • What is the point of having a Ferrari if you don’t know how to drive it??

We have an active support system, where you will be able to ping us from our website whenever you have questions.

The last thing we want to do is build all of this then not have you be comfortable enough to execute your vision.


Not Included

  • Fitness Marketing Machine Data Plan - $49/Month. This covers the cost to run your automations and troubleshoot any issues.
  • ActiveCampaign - Starts at $9/month. However, we highly recommend the Plus plan which starts at $49/month. You can start a free trial here.


Next Steps

  • We estimate this project will be finished within 12 weeks of your onboarding call.
  • To accept this proposal, select the services below. You will be then be redirected to complete our Service Agreement.
  • After completing the Service Agreement, we will review the products you selected and email you an invoice shortly.
  • Once payment is completed, your onboarding process will begin and a team member will get in touch to schedule your onboarding call!