PRTL Service Agreement

I Michael Montefusco, on behalf of Fitness Marketing Machine invite PRTL into an agreement where Fitness Marketing Machine will provide the following services free of charge:

  • Walk through StoryBrand framework with PRTL to clarify main marketing messaging.
    • We will take these findings and craft a promotional video of less than 90 seconds for use on the PRTL main website.
    • 12 hours of content creation
  • Help fix any broken pages or links on the website - 1 week timeline
  • Install conversion rate optimization software on that will give us key insights into visitor behavior and discuss potential improvements that can be implemented. - 1 week timeline
    • Such implementations my be outside of the scope of this agreement based on their involvement.
  • Do SEO analysis from a content perspective and an optimized content with the help of the PRTL team.¬†
    • 12 hours of content creation¬†
    • We will suggest article types
    • Craft a first draft
    • Let you edit
    • Optimize for keywords
  • Hosting and data for PRTL will be free of charge with Fitness Marketing Machine for the next 2 years.
    • This includes any automations currently set-up.
      • If you need to add any high demand automations after this agreement was approved, we can give you a quote for those automations.

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Signed by Michael Montefusco
Signed On: 02/16/2022

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