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Most trainers go online to make more money and have more freedom but the tech demands leave many overworked and underpaid.

At Fitness Marketing Machine we create automated solutions to help you serve your clients better, make more money and spend less time doing so!

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Is Your Marketing Enough?

  • How many hours do you spend doing administrative tasks that are below your pay grade?
  • Is your client retention suffering because you haven't been able to keep provide the personal touch at every opportunity?
  • Are you losing hours upon hours of your day because you haven't been able to automate your relationship in a way that doesn't appear automated to you client?
  • How many clients are slipping through your leaky sales funnel?
  • Do you have a funnel?

Not fully utilizing data and top tier marketing to maximize your business’s potential may be costing you a great deal more than you think.

It Doesn’t Have To Be This Way

Having the right marketing support can make all the difference. You don’t want to just survive, you want to dominate. We help our clients leverage data and automation to save time for what’s truly important, serving your clients and spending time doing what you love.

Our Services

Client Relationship Management Automation

Take advantage of the power of advanced automation using Zapier, Trainerize, and Activecampaign integrations. Personalize follow up with leads and clients and give your customers a feeling of care that they’ve never experienced with any other brand all without you having to lift a finger. First automate, then dominate.

Marketing Automation

We offer the most cutting edge in marketing services including: Paid marketing campaigns, client centric email marketing, copywriting, full website build outs, landing pages, membership sites, form services (surveys, waivers, testimonials), and booking software. All of our services are designed to do one thing and one thing only, give you the edge you need to rise above the competition and gain new customers faster and easier than ever before.

Data And Analytics Automation

People play the game differently when they know you’re keeping score. Utilize a data driven approach by leveraging key insights into your marketing KPIs and your training team’s performance including client response times all in one place. Put data to work for you by having a comprehensive look at your clients statistics including habit formation and goal tracking. Imagine being able to show perspective clients what you have done for others using a data driven approach. Track like never before so you can win like never before.

If you gave your clients everything they needed to have the ultimate training experience manually, you would burn out within weeks.

Building our own gym from the ground up, we know how difficult it can be to build a fitness business to scale on your own. How much time it can take to ensure that you’re delivering a seamless customer experience. How confusing it can be to learn and master both technology and strategy to take your business to the next level. That’s why we started Fitness Marketing Machine so that you don't have to fight through growing a successful fitness company on your own. We’ve helped several of our clients transform their businesses and their lives by leveraging our expertise in digital marketing and automation.

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Together, we’ll collaborate on a strategy to address your specific marketing needs.


Our team will execute the plan on your behalf so you can scale like never before

For MOST of us, it's difficult to be a world class Trainer and tech guru at the same time. You've sat in front of the computer for hours, clicked every button on the keyboard but the automation still didn't work because you forgot the stinking comma...

What Takes You 3 Hours May Take Us 5 Minutes.

How much is your hourly time worth as a Coach? For rising star trainers, you would do well to spend your time doing what it is that makes you the highest amount per hour - Coach!

At Fitness Marketing Machine, we know you’re the type of person that wants to run a fitness business that not only survives in its market, but absolutely dominates the competition all while enjoying the freedom you deserve to live life on your own terms. In order to do so, you need marketing that allows you to leverage automation and data at scale. The problem is that many business owners decide to take their journeys all on their own. We believe that no one should have to wear all the hats in their business in their quest to build a bigger more successful company. We understand how frustrating it can be to put in hours upon hours of your life into your pride and joy and still not see the results you truly want deep down. That's why we’ve been working and helping clients just like you transform their companies and their lives.

Here's How It Works


Click on button below to book your free consultation to map out your desired outcome goals.


Together, we’ll collaborate on a strategy to address your specific marketing needs.


Our team will execute the plan on your behalf so you can scale like never before.

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