Automated Customized Weekly Reports

Automated Customized Weekly Reports

Want to provide a high-touch product without touching any buttons? Create & send recurring check-ins and progress reports that highlight your client’s journey.

It isn’t a coincidence that gamification is a massive buzzword in the business world today. Your clients will play the game differently when they know you are keeping score!

  • Custom-branded weekly progress reports with your brand logo sent via email and/or Trainerize message with the following metrics:
    • Workouts scheduled vs completed
    • Habits scheduled vs completed
    • Cardio scheduled vs completed
    • Number of daily nutrition goals hit
    • Average steps per day
    • Total hours of sleep
    • Calories burned per day (active)
    • Calories burned per day (resting)
    • Average resting heart rate
    • % change in workout compliance from last week
    • % change in habit compliance from last week
    • % change in cardio compliance from last week
    • % change in steps from last week
    • % change in sleep from last week
    • and more…

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