Edited for Marketing Clients Automated Prospect Journey

Automated Prospect Journey

Optimize the way you keep track of your leads! If you prevent even one potential client from getting lost it pays for this entire system!

An automated prospect journey helps you store pertinent information about your leads, so you can improve your sales game.

Create more value for your audience by tracking who actually opts-in for our 2 week trial ads and maximize your funnel statistics with a fully automated system.

  • Add all leads to ActiveCampaign and Google sheet database
    • Create custom fields, tags and lists for easy contact segmentation
    • Store contact information such as lead source, consultation type, and more
  • Automated opt-in confirmation e-mails and/or texts for:
    • Calendar bookings
    • Consultation Forms
  • Automated e-mail/text confirmations.
    • Reminder sequences that prompt completion of forms

I can almost guarantee your show ratio increasing in the next year from the text messaging alone will pay for this entire proposal.

  • Prospect Pipeline
    • Create visual stages in ActiveCampaign to show the following:
      • New leads
      • Appointments booked
      • Showed
      • Follow-up
      • Purchased
  • Google sheets analytics to show your key conversion metrics

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