Front End Offer Funnel

Landing Page For 2 Week Trial

  • We’ll create a custom landing page that will sell the sizzle of your 2 week free trial.
  • We will use the base messaging we crafted to redo your website with the StoryBrand Framework.
  • This will have a quick opt-in form to grab as many email addresses as possible, then it will redirect to a custom booking calendar that gives them an opportunity to select an available slot.
    • There will be site visitors that will opt in with their name and email and won’t book a consultation.
      • These “abandoned cart” prospects will go into a 3 email nurture sequence to get them in the door.
  • We will have an air tight text message confirmation system for all the people who do book.
  • They will also get nurture emails to hype them up on your services before they come in for the consultation.
    • (Maybe a piece of quality content and a testimonial via email)
  • Our system will actually have most of your prospects forego the trial and sign up for your core offer on the spot. (We have sold millions of dollars of coaching services with this model)
  • We will have a 5 email nurture campaign that will help convert anyone who opts for the trial into a paying customer before the 2 weeks are up. We use scarcity and urgency with things like countdown timers. These are custom-created for each prospect so their timeline lines up with the trial (we will use some of our automation magic.)

Ad Management

  • In short, we will use ads to drive traffic to the 2 week trial landing page. This will:
    • Build awareness
    • Get leads
    • Drive sales 


By starting from the core offers and ideal customer personas for the brand, we can dial in and get ads in front of the right people. Analytics, profiling, and keyword research will allow us to find those customers and reach them quickly.

Ads will be optimized around specific actions that build our goals. With a front-end offer in place and a pipeline to guide prospects towards a sale, ads won’t have to do as much heavy lifting. But that doesn’t mean they don’t need to be fantastic.

By A/B split-testing the ad creative, copy, headlines, and CTAs, we will grow the return on ad spend (ROAS) rate to a level that is sustainable for long-term growth.

Audiences will be segmented, retargeted, defined, and grown, so we can clearly label and target the perfect customers for Zero Doubt Club.


We will organize and prioritize ad spend from available ad platforms. Such as:

    • Google Local Ads
    • Instagram-specific ads (Meta)
    • Facebook Ads (Meta)


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