Golden Goals

Golden Goals

If I say something it’s my opinion, if they say something, it’s a fact.”

<aside> 💡 (Referring to how clients take ownership of anything they personally admit versus us just telling them the same thing.)

  • The most effective verbiage you can use to persuade someone is the same language they used when they told you why they hired you.
  • This system will be the digital version of having an attentive ear during a sales consultation so you can encourage them to take action on achieving their goals.
  • Their intake form will be where we capture the data we need for our “Golden Goal Conversion System”


  • When we are ready to ask the client to go from a challenger/trial account to purchasing your core offer, we’ll use the Golden Goal System for creating the highest probability for conversion.

*“Hey Mr./Mrs. Client,

I know you told me when you started that you really wanted to lose 20 lbs. Is it still important to you so that you can have more self confidence?

If so, I want to be the one to take you there. click this link for an exclusive deal you won’t find anywhere else.”*

💡 (Can also be modified to prompt them booking a call should you prefer it.)

  • Personalizing calls to action is an extremely powerful tool!

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