Health Questionnaire/Liability Waiver System

Health Questionnaire/Liability Waiver System


  • The “Welcome” email will also contain a link to a fully branded Health Questionnaire and Waiver to collect pertinent information on the client.
  • You will have the proper encryption for all signatures captured to be legally binding.
  • You will have the WP e-signature on your site for life, so you will never have to pay DocuSign or anything like that.
  • We will also capture their goals with our conversion conversation messaging tactics.
  • We will make sure everyone is added to Trainerize and their program will not be assigned until they have signed the liability waiver.

We can provide an optional add-on to create a folder system in your cloud of choice (Dropbox or Drive) to store all your PDFs.

We will create a folder for all new clients and store their signed PDF in there for easy access.

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