High Converting Marketing Website

High Converting Marketing Website

• Expert collaborative sales copy written using the StoryBrand
◦ Donald Miller’s Storybrand framework is the gold standard
for inviting your clients into a story where they are the
hero, and you are the perfect guide-by-the-side to ensure
they reach their goals.
◦ Clients don’t just sign up because you are awesome
(although that is true?), people sign up because you’re
awesome at making them awesome.
◦ We will be absolutely obsessed with creating a website that
looks incredible, but nothing is more important than the
words you use to get visitors to take action.
◦ Our experienced team of copywriters will get to know your
specific value propositions and tone of voice and set you
up for success!
• Professionally designed visual content to draw in the attention of
your target market.

We would love it if you clicked this link and visited our portfolio
page to browse some of our previous work.

Full online store functionality and shopping cart to sell one-time
purchases and subscriptions.
◦ We will create product pages for your challenge and
subscription services.
◦ Paypal Integration.
• Site Tracking is installed to monitor specific activity of your email
◦ This lets us see which pages your visitors look at and send
ultra-targeted emails to increase conversions!
◦ Think of someone who visits your booking page, then there is
no appointment booked. You can email them and offer a free
consult and get them to complete the booking process.
• Dedicated booking software negating the need for ongoing
subscription to Calendly, Acuity, etc.
◦ Very likely this is the software you used to book your
appointment with us.
◦ It is extremely pleasing to the eye and will be totally on
brand and live on your custom domain name.
◦ The more professional you look, the more you will be
respected professionally!
◦ Own this outright without a monthly payment for it!
• Professionally automated health questionnaire/waiver/contract
functionality with legally binding signatures.
◦ To have e-signatures be legally binding, not just any
software will do. It has to carry a high standard of
encryption, so the law can be confident the signature
wasn’t tampered with.
◦ Again, there is zero monthly cost for you to own this
• Automated Testimonial Video Collection System built into the
website. Social proof is powerful. Take advantage of a top tier
automated system to capture a never-ending stream of
marketing content for your brand.
◦ Feel free to see ours at
• Google Analytics installed.
◦ You may not be ready to analyze site visitor behavior, but
we want to make sure we are collecting the data, so that
when you are ready, you can look at the entire history.
• Landing Page Templates that you can use to replace services like
◦ ThriveThemes is one of the premier landing page building
software in the world.
◦ There’s a whole library of templates you can use that we
will install right on your site.
◦ It has all the bells and whistles with countdown timers,
pop-ups, multistep opt-ins and integrates easily with your
CRM, so you can nurture your relationships with any leads/
• Professionally styled blog page.
◦ We HIGHLY suggest you embrace content marketing for
your business.
◦ Having a blog is one of the best ways to remind your
contact list that you can solve their problems and help
them see you as a thought leader in your field.
• You’ll have software to create robust, on-brand custom forms for
anything you can dream up!
◦ Want to do a survey? No problem!
◦ Are you a fan of form based assessments? We have you
◦ Do you use a weekly check-in form? Consider it done!
• Embed Social Media reviews and social media feeds like
YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook right on your site!
◦ The buzzword “Omnichannel Marketing” exists for a good
▪ The more channels you can use to educate, inspire
or entertain your audience, the more conversions
you will have!

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