Master Triumphant Trial

Master Triumphant Trial

Turning Followers Into Paying Customers

So the first thing about this “trial” is that we will never refer to it as a “trial”. People aren’t super excited about trying something they need to pay more money to buy more of right off the bat. They want a solution to solve the problem of their inability to get enough “momentum” to be able to stay on track and reach their goals.

It is going to be promoted as a FREE “Kickstart” program. (Not the title, but that’s the concept we will convey.)

You’re going to give away the “secret sauce” on how to stop their downward spiral and feel great about the direction their fitness is going.

I propose we can start with your organic reach. This will more than pay for the system and start making a profit. I have a model that is consultation-less, but if you need to do sales, sell the people who are already in the program and won’t flake on you. Focus on selling much bigger packages to those who are already in your trial program. You will be “famous” to them in a sense as they just got all this digital media from you (workouts, messages, etc). For these people meeting you would be how I would hope it would have been to meet me. “Here’s the guy running the show. This is kind of cool!”

Here’s how we will do just that.

Scenario 1:

Receive DM from Instagram followers and reply with speed and accuracy using canned responses with your new lifetime subscription to TypeDesk!

Scenario 2:

Challenge/Trial Specific SmartPage

  • Run promotional Instagram posts that drive clients a link to sign-up for the challenge via your new custom micro-landing page – This replaces Linktree. (With a countdown timer to create urgency, of course) #micro-landing-page
  • This Linktree on steroids will host your professionally crafted challenge landing page.
  • This will be done with copy from one of our pro copywriters.
    • We’ll create a meaningful connection with your site visitors.
    • Hype your irresistible value proposition for the challenge.
    • Show them why you’re the perfect person to help them achieve their goals and overcome their obstacles.
    • We will clearly outline the deliverables of the offer, create urgency and call the visitor to action.
  • They will be able to opt-in quickly and easily to get their “limited” slot to your challenge right on your website.
  • SmartPage features
    • Profile and bio section
    • Photo Carousels
    • Lead capture forms
    • Testimonial toggles
    • Countdown timer
    • Eye grabbing animation on buttons and images
    • Embeds video
    • Social media follow links
    • Calendar Embed
    • Blog post embeds
    • Audio Player
    • Q + A section
    • Google Maps
    • Messenger Platforms
      • WhatsApp
      • Messenger
      • Telegram
      • Text
      • Email
    • and a bunch more…

Once They Opt In:

Onboarding will set the stage by getting all the info we need to make your program extremely hard to resist. Spicing this up with some gamification tactics is super effective and makes you look like a coach who knows how to inspire action.

  • We will send them their welcome email and a Trainerize message that will issue the following challenge:
    • If they can perform their first workout and complete our short goal-focused intake form, we will double the length of time they get for the program from 7-14 days.
    • Countdown timers will be pure gold for creating urgency. Many people don’t realize this is actually a gamification-based strategy. Act now, or lose the opportunity to get to the next level!
  • The client will enter an automation that checks to make sure they have filled out and signed their goal setting form. They will get a couple gentle nudges until they do.
    • There is zero reason for you to chase them around.
    • We will create a visual system, so you can see who has signed and who has not.
  • This form will capture the data we need for our “Golden Goal Conversion System” (more on this later).
    • Personalizing calls to action is an extremely powerful tool!
  • Add all questionnaire responses to Google sheet database. (Nice to see all our info at a glance)
  • Once we have the legal document signed we will send their official challenge Welcome Email:
    • The Purpose of this email is to:
      • Indoctrinate them into a culture of full buy-in on your professional mission and how they can come along for the ride.
        • We’ll dial in our communication, so you can easily invite your challengers into a story where they are the hero, and you are the empathetic, capable guide-by-the-side that can finally help them “win the day” with their health and fitness.
      • Inspire them to take consistent action and stress the importance of community. (I have been doing this long enough that this is the single biggest factor in your challenge being successful).
      • Entertain them. Who doesn’t like to have a little fun?!?
        • I can automate a personalized GIF of you smiling and a short, humorous, inviting video clip of one of the world’s most gifted trainers.
          • So the GIF can say “Welcome {{Whatevertheirnameis}}!” It will look like you made it custom for them. One of the main reasons I am most excited about this project is that you’re extraordinarily likeable. We need to show that off throughout the challenge!
    • During the challenge we will create an unstoppable sense of community inside your Trainerize Group:
      • We will strategically plan out messages that will drive engagement and client success.
      • The first one you do, you will randomly pick a participant for a free 30-60 minute one-on-one coaching session. Do NOT tell them you are going to do this. Let everyone answer, then announce the winner. (The reward can be whatever we decide, obviously). But people will engage in all future engagement prompts going forward. Works like magic! 😉
        • We can ask things like:
          • Where is everyone from?
          • What is your current biggest struggle?
          • Share a win from today/this week
          • The Least favorite exercise so far in the program (people love talking about how hard something was)?
          • You’ll shout out any major successes you decide. Positive weigh-ins, workout consistency, etc.
          • “If there was one food that you could choose that tasted exactly the same, but magically had no calories when you consumed it, what would it be?”
            • These are just examples; we can adjust to your liking.

    Challenger Ascension Strategy (How we get them to take their wallet out of their pocket)

    We will send them a hyper-personalized, automated video summary of their first weeks activity. Many clients think you made the video special for them.

    • It just so happens that the exact metrics they achieved qualify them for a “special offer” to sign on to your core offering.
    • Wow Chris! You hit both the minimum required 2 workouts, filled out your form, AND sent 2 messages during week 1. This actually qualifies you for a special offer on our VIP Program. Click here to see the offer! There will be a button right on the interactive video!
    • This will offer a deep discount (in their eyes, which is still a really great price for us) if they act early and sign-up.
      • There will be a countdown timer in our communication and on the sales page we will use to create urgency at the discounted price point.
      • They must enact the purchase before the trial ends or lose the discount.
      • We can create an automation that will create a separate countdown timer for each client. So this can be run as a fully automated evergreen offer!

    💡 We will shout out each challenger that signs up for your core offer inside the group.

    • “Mr. So-n-so has committed to making a full transformation with her health and fitness by joining our continuation fitness family!”
      • This is FOMO on steroids. I have used this with great success. </aside>
    • Don’t forget: One of our attempts to get them to stay on as a perpetual client will use the ‘Golden Goals’ workflow to bring their goals top of mind and join your subscription tribe!
    • When they do convert, our automations will delay until the challenge ends before adding them to the subscription service and only then assign their continuation training program.
    • For those who do not ascend into subscription clients, we will deactivate them from Trainerize, so they can no longer access your program.
      • They will be added to an email newsletter automation where you can run intermittent promotions to your growing list.

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