Milestone Magic

Milestone Magic will be billed at the following usage (One credit = 1 video view):

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What if I told you we could use one tactic that could skyrocket retention, drive referrals like crazy?!?


Our Milestone Magic is a system of delivering highly personalized videos and images highlighting client accomplishments

  • These leverage:
    • Accountability:
      • The way we do it your clients will be tricked you actually made these yourself!
        • We will reinforce positive behavior and create awareness when they need to step things up.
        • Emotion:
          • Audio + Visual content is 3x more likely to drive results than messaging alone.
          • Gamification
            • Hitting goals, seeing comparisons and getting personalized feedback have created many an addicted gamer.
          • Advocacy –
            • The social share feature will make it easy to brag about their accomplishments and even easier to brag about their coach 😉

Your plan includes:


  • weekly result videos for each client that display actual client data updates on their:
    • workouts
    • nutrition compliance
    • habits
    • weights lifted
    • sleep
    • steps
    • calories
    • All metrics will show a comparison to the previous week
    • Once a month they will get their totals year to date


  • 1 of 12 customizable coaching messages
  • Social share buttons for FB, Twitter, Pinterest

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