Earn It All "Experience"

Created on November 11, 2022
Valid until November 18, 2022
Version 1

Automated Client Journey

Leave the admin work to your automations and focus on what you do best - coaching. Creating an automated client journey ensures you don't miss any more welcome e-mails, contracts, or questionnaires which deliver valuable content and actionable items necessary for your client onboarding.

  • Add/update all clients to Active Campaign, Trainerize, and a Google sheet database.
  • Create custom fields, tags and lists for contact segmentation.
  • Serious entrepreneurs store information such as:
    • Products purchased, challenge expiration date, birthdate and more.
      • You'll thank me when we are able to use this data for targeted email marketing campaigns down the road. 😉
  • We'll send them a professionally branded welcome email with a GIF in it.
  • This professionally branded confirmation email will also contain a health questionnaire and liability waiver. We will collect the form along with a legally binding e-signature. (You never can be too careful or too professional!).
  • We'll send them a professionally branded welcome email with a GIF in it.



  • The client will enter an automation that checks to make sure they have filled out and signed the form. They will get a couple gentle nudges until they do.
    • There is zero reason that you should have to chase people around to get documents signed. We can automate the follow up until they fill out and sign the document.
    • The way we set our system up is that we will have an automation that gets triggered when they sign the form. We then remove them, so they no longer get the reminder messages (ummm...awkward 🤪).
    • We will create a visual system, so you can see who has signed and who has not.
  • Auto-assign each client a meal plans using the new Trainerize meal planner. We will automate this process through the API so that you won't have to do it yourself.
    • Auto-assign each client 1 of 8  programs based on their questionnaire responses (programs to be built by Earn It All ).
  • Auto-assign each client 1 of 5 habits based on their questionnaire responses.
  • Auto-assign macros in Trainerize based on their questionnaire responses.
  • Add a PDF nutrition guide (supplied by Earn It All ).
  • Auto-assign each client 1 of up to 8 meal plans based on their questionnaire responses. (meal plans to be built by Earn It All ).
  • Auto-assign to desired Trainerize groups.
  • Set Trainerize messaging access (1 or 2-way messaging).
  • Add all health questionnaire responses to a Google sheet database.
  • Collect legally binding signatures (Legal verbiage to be provided by Earn It All ).
  • Automated e-mail sequences:
    • Welcome email sequence containing any onboarding forms or contracts.
    • Reminder sequences that prompt completion of forms or contracts.