Why Crash Diets And Cleanses Hold The Key To Succeeding In Your Online Training Business

Some of you might think I'm crazy.

I don't blame you.

But I am willing to bet, if you read this, you will likely agree with me by the end.

If you've been a trainer for any period of time, you have very likely had this conversation:

You: "Hey Jane Client! What's your plan to achieve those goals you just told me about?"

Client: "I'm going to do this 6 week detox cleanse drinking alfalfa sprout juice and lemon water. It's really great, I've done it before and lost 20lbs!"

You: "How many times have you done it before?"

Client: "This will actually be time number 9! I'm so excited!"

You: Holding back the fury at the insanity of your client as you wonder, "If this diet is so effective, how come you keep having to do it?"

I think realistically we all know that crash diets and cleanses never address the real issue. Our client hasn't found a sustainable lifestyle they can adhere to.

I think when it comes to our clients, we realize that quick fixes don't work.

They need to master the fundamentals and put in the work and they can and will succeed.

So why would I choose that title to this post?!?

I can't tell you how many online trainers have the same thinking when it comes to their fitness business.

They click on every "fitness guru's" Facebook ad looking for the next hot Facebook ad formula they can use to explode their business.

They think that the perfect ManyChat bot flow that will change everything!

They want the secret upsell funnel that lets them live in the Bahamas on the beach drinking Pina Colada's while the money just pours in.

Sometimes they find something that works for a moment, but then it doesn't...

and they are back to square one, clicking on the next Facebook ad looking for another "Guru" to save them.

Suddenly they aren't so different from their clients...

So what's the answer?!?

Master the fundamentals of building a solid business even if it takes a little longer.

  1. Dial in the systems of caring for your clients and addresses the various problems that come up.
  2. Have time tested marketing strategies that may not make you rich overnight, but they will help you have the business of your dreams- if you learn to stay the course.

Think in 3 phases:


  • Have a system to make sure your clients stay consistent. The second they fall off they need to be checked in with.
  • Praise everyone for their positive behaviors
  • Make them feel cared for with consistent contact with you and your brand
  • Ensure they get amazing, sustainable results
  • Have a brand that clearly and consistently tells the story of how you solve people's specific fitness issues
  • Have helpful, free information that you give to people for their email addresses
  • Craft a multistep email nurture campaign that builds trust with your clients and calls them to action
  • Collect positive testimonials from your most successful clients and MAKE SURE THEY GET SEEN
  • Do exit interviews with the ones that aren't successful and learn from their feedback
  • Build solid relationships with everyone you can in life, so that you are top of mind whenever they think about health and fitness


Now that you know what works, how do you free up your time to execute these on autopilot?

Knowing how to leverage technology let's you do the work of an entire team. It delivers the smoothest customer journey possible.

The key is to do this WITHOUT completely losing the personalized feel of things. 

There will be more helpful insights on the topic this blog in the weeks to come. (So I would encourage you to sign up in the form below!)


Execute your workflow over and over. Plug any leaks that you find and continue to invest in your own personal development so you stay excited about the process.

What about you?

Agree? Disagree? I'd love to hear your thoughts below!

Disclaimer: This does not mean that every fitness business coach with a Facebook ad is a waste of time. What it means, is: If you come with a quick fix mentality, then they very well may be.

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