Here's where I want you to pause, and carefully read this before proceeding.

We are looking for entrepreneurs that we can trust.

Here's what I mean:

Once you are a part of the Zapier Community, you will be in our exclusive team account.

But Zapier gives EVERY TEAM MEMBER, regardless of status, the option to invite other team members to the account, even if they didn't pay to sign up.


We can trace those involved and toss them both out of this group- as well as the Tranerize Community WITH NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

One strike and you are out!

But, just for the record:

Your private apps and folders CAN NOT BE SEEN OR ACCESSED BY ANYONE, including the administrators.

I have been a part of someone else's team and know this first hand. 

So your data is perfectly safe.

What is accessible is the data on how many tasks you use each month. Please stay within the allotted amount so we can keep you a part of the group. 

This is a tremendous value and I, Mike Montefusco, will take care of all community members with access to free learning resources as time goes on. 


if all this is agreeable, then please submit the Community Agreement with your billing info.

I'll email you your Zapier invite and login details to the Social Media Automation resources within minutes. (You wouldn't respect me if this wasn't all automated, would you? ;)

*If you already have a Zapier account, then please use the same email and there will be instructions on how to transfer your zaps and shut off any billing charges from the old account.

**You can easily manage your subscription at your dedicated account page. You can cancel with the click of a button at any time.

Zapier Community Agreement

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