Zapier Communities is a way for you to have the best Zapier account features that money can buy, for less than the price of their current lowest price offer.

Here's why this is for you:

Scroll Facebook for 5 minutes.

How many online fitness program ads do you see?

Covid-19 has unleashed a digital revolution throughout the world.

It's kill or be killed...unfortunately.

If you can't keep up technologically, you will. not. make it.

Zapier is the key to unlocking 1000 doors in your online training business.

Zapier connects all the different apps you may need to use to deliver an amazing client experience.

It's like having your own custom built software that now does EVERYTHING you need to be successful.

It does it without you needing to write a single line of code.

It lets you spend your time where it matters the most...coaching clients or enjoying life.


If you think it would be cool to:

  • Send personalized texts when your clients don't work out for a number of days
  • Praise them for their nutrition compliance without lifting a finger
  • Cue up their next program on autopilot
  • Automate your social media posts
  • Archive any clients when their account goes delinquent
  • Maintain a current spreadsheet with all active clients

Without clicking a button, firing up a computer or touching your phone-

Then this is for you!

We have set up a "Zapier Community" account for a select group of automation hungry trainers.

You will transact money through Fitness Marketing Machine and get added to the account upon review of your application.

Here's how your plan will work.

  • Typically Zapier gives you 20 zaps for $19.99/ month. With us, you will now pay $30 get unlimited zaps in your account. Yes, you read this correctly. I said unlimited zaps!
  • The basic Zapier subscription gives you 750 tasks for $19.99. With us, you will now get double the amount of tasks that Zapier would have given you. so $30 now gives you a whopping 1500.
  • Zapier's usual customer support goal is to reply within 24 hours for "ordinary folk". You are no longer ordinary! You will now have priority support from Zapier. Zapier's goal for priority support is within 60 minutes. Boom!
  • You will now have access to premium features such as "Paths". Paths let you branch zaps into different directions for different incoming data (You'll see what we mean if you get access to our Social Media Automation Mini Course)
  • If you have an existing account, you will be able to move all your zaps over into the new team account.
  • Just because we have a team account, does NOT mean that you can see other people's zaps or they can see yours. It is completely segregated.

Here are some ground rules:

Mike is eager to help you all in the TRZ group as he always has, but he is not your personal Zapier support. 

With replies in under 60 minutes we would ask that you utilize Zapier's support whenever possible.

If you go over your allotted task amount, your account will become frozen until the next pay cycle. So be wise in your dealings and reach out to Zapier support with any issues.

Click the buttons below for the finer details and a short application.

Once that's filled out you'll get an immediate invite to the Team Account and instructions on how to transfer any existing zaps.

You'll stop paying Zapier and have a highly upgraded account!