Congrats and welcome to the application process.

You're on your way to automation greatness!

We have set up a "Zapier Community" account for a select group of automation hungry trainers.

You will transact money through Fitness Marketing Machine and get added to the account upon review of your application.

Here's how your plan will work.

  • Typically, Zapier gives you 20 zaps for $29.99/ month (if you pay monthly - click here to check it out.). With us, you will now pay $30 get unlimited zaps in your account. Yes, you read this correctly. I said unlimited zaps!
  • The basic Zapier subscription gives you 750 tasks for $29.99. With us, you will now get double the amount of tasks that Zapier would have given you. so $30 now gives you a whopping 1500.
  • Zapier's usual customer support goal is to reply within 24 hours for "ordinary folk". You are no longer ordinary! You will now have priority support from Zapier. Zapier's goal for priority support is within 60 minutes. Boom!
  • You will now have access to premium features such as "Paths". Paths let you branch zaps into different directions for different incoming data (You'll see what we mean if you get access to our Zapier For Trainerize Mini Course)
  • If you have an existing account, you will be able to move all your zaps over into the new team account.
  • Just because we have a team account, does NOT mean that you can see other people's zaps or they can see yours. It is completely segregated.